From August 1st 2020 you can participate in the Art of Freedom competition. To do so, you first need to register on this website. To participate you need to create a canvas. A full description on how to do this can be read below and under the Create Canvas button at the right top corner. More information about the competition can also be found in the flyer. The theme of the competition is Freedom. Anything that represents (lack of) freedom for you can be used as inspiration to make your digital canvas. The prizes are a weekend trip to Rotterdam and an art tool kit for participants under 18*. You can apply until October 31st 2020. Check the rules and regulations of Art of Freedom competition here.

This website is developed by Lava Legato and allows you to make your own, personalised digital canvas. It is a perfect tool to play around, but you can also use it to bring a message across, to process an experience or to stimulate your own creativity. A canvas can be made around a specific theme, but it can also develop spontaneously. You can make a canvas alone or together with others, like colleagues from work. 

*specific rules apply; see the rules and regulations of the competition. 


The canvas can be a present, to yourself or to others, a funny screensaver, or a postcard to your mother.You can even use it as a diary and make a canvas every week or day. This allows you to compare the canvases that you create over time. As you can imagine, there are countless possibilities. The most important thing is to enjoy the process! It is not how well the final result looks, but how much you enjoy the process of making it. Although I've tried to make a wide variety of objects available, it might happen that the object you are looking for is not there. It means that you need to look for an alternative. Are you looking for a blue car that is not there? Maybe you can use the yellow one instead. Are you looking for a trumpet? Maybe a piano will work for you as well! A canvas can be created around a specific theme or it can develop spontaneously. 

Are you ready to start? Go to Make canvas and follow the super easy steps. If you want, you can save your canvas in the gallery. Go to the Gallery section in right corner to find out how to do this. 

Do you have questions? Please contact me by email: Jessie Voermans